Talking Youth Work

Coaching in Youth Work with Tomáš Pešek, episode 9

November 27, 2018

This episode was recorded during a Future Labs partners meeting in the beautiful Tuscany in Italy.

While we were recording, during a break, some of the partners were enjoying the good weather, but we don't know who had the most fun, because we sure enjoyed very much this talk.

Tomáš Pešek is a youth trainer and also a certified coach, and we discussed some of the ways that he uses coaching with young people, both on a one-to-one and in a group setting.

He also trains youth workers on how to use these coaching techniques: when to use them, but also when not, and just listen.

Tomáš also talked about rites of passage, in a project he is involved with young men in the transition to adulthood. All inspiring stuff! (Definitely better than just good weather 😉)

Tomáš website:

About coaching:

About youthwork and NFE that Tomáš does:


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